October 31 is full of witches and ghouls of legend. In this day of Halloween, Ghost awake within the mystery of the night, scattered candlelight moving in pumpkins lights, all across the country wearing fancy dresses, and dress up persons jump one kind of witch dance. To join in this carnival: the magic-like fascinating thomas sabo charms series - from pumpkin lights to black cat, each a single is "do not give candy to have hurt" party essential fashion items.thomas sabo limited magical Wonders Halloween accessories - into the interesting planet full of magic Germany's creative accessories brand thomas sabo uk, has been close to trend and creative, to launch a unique limited edition Halloween with "Magic Romance" pendant line, greatly cast dream magic. Delicate variety pendant, including the rabbit by his magic from the magic hat after the jump, the next flash stars is accompanied; still full of mystery black cat with heart-shaped pendant together to type a contrast; In the Halloween party and can not lack the champagne and mask, so pendant of witch riding a broom, are people more invested in the festival, full of interesting.

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