"Green Tree Frog" redirects here. For the American Green Tree Frog, see "Hyla cinerea".
Australian Green Tree Frog
Australian Green Tree Frog.jpg
Conservation Status
Scientific Classification
Domain: Eukaryote
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Order: Anura
Family: Hylidae
Genus: Litoria
Species: L. caerulea
The Australian Green Tree Frog, also simply known as the Green Tree Frog or White's Tree Frog, is a large tree frog which lives in Australia.


The frog typically grows to about 10cm long. Its skin colour depends on its environment. It has small maxillary teeth for gripping prey and to keep it from escaping.


  • Australian Green Tree Frogs sometimes feed on unusual prey. This one has caught a snake.Go to Other Frogs which Prey on Snakes
  • This one is swallowing a rat it caught.Go to Other Frogs which Prey on Rodents
  • The bat wing is the only remain of the bat in the photo which was consumed by this tree frog.Go to Other Frogs which Prey on Bats
  • Another photo of a Green Tree Frog devouring a bat (more specifically a little bent-wing bat).Go to Other Frogs which Prey on Bats
  • They will even feed on birds. This one caught a young chick.Go to Other Frogs which Prey on Birds
  • Only the wing of the bird isn't at the mercy of the frog's digestive tract.Go to Other Frogs which Prey on Birds

This species normally preys on insects and similar invertebrates, but can also eat smaller amphibians and even rodents. Among other cases, there was also a well-documented report of this species feeding on a bird chick[1], and many people have seen this species of frog consuming small bats (in particular the little bent-wing bat) and snakes.

With smaller prey, it can propel its thick tongue to capture quarry, but with larger prey like vertebrates, it stalks, pounces and forces the prey into its mouth with its limbs.