Peregrine Falcon

In flight.

The Peregrine Falcon is an avivorous bird of prey. It hunts by diving on top of prey with a technique known as stooping, in which the falcon hits the fastest speed of any known animal. Most of its diet is made up of pigeons and doves, though it will also feed on almost any other bird, some of which can be up to twice as large as the falcon itself, as well as other animals if so required.


The species is a medium-sized bird. Females grow larger than males.


The Peregrine Falcon is a very efficient high-speed flier, with numerous adaptions for diving steeply, such as long, tapered wings and a short, stiff tail.


The peregrine falcon feeds almost entirely on small and medium-sized birds, though it will feed on almost any bird it can catch, and occasionally also other animals, most prominently bats (given their physical similarity to birds). Unsurprisingly, it has excellent eyesight, and after it spots a bird or other prey, it stoops on it from above, often killing or stunning the prey. After plucking the feathers off, it usually starts with the neck, and often removes the head and wings of its prey.


Like all birds, the peregrine falcon lays eggs.